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Let us take you on a journey with our COTTONCAKE Fragrance Collection. Born Spring 2018, we have created five fragrances, each of them inspired by our personal travels, memories and moments. An ode to our favourite states of being.

It’s that ‘beginning of everything feeling’ evoked by the first blue-skied spring day. On top of the world, rose-coloured thoughts, beams of sunlight: a dazed state of being… This fragrance is an omen of the summer to come. The inescapable feeling of endless possibilities in April Haze is awakened by the elements of nature itself: sun, salty water, warm wood and a hint of florals.

Soft Sencha takes us to the realm of calm and serenity. A green Japanese tea garden. Early morning, dewy ground, old pines and soft lotus leaves. A place of inner peace and natural beauty. For the true observers who love to see the art of perfection in every detail. This subtle, yet elegant fragrance is built upon a harmonious base of blonde wood, a heart of green tea and top notes of bergamot and cardamom.

Nomade Noir is our seductive version of the 1001 nights stories. Dry heat, dark skies and forbidden desires against the décor of the endless Arabian night. It’s for those of us who love to feel beautiful and are stagey enough to appreciate a bit of drama in life. The complexity arises from a decadent base of traditional incense and sacred wood, tempered by a heart of soft Arabian jasmine, and sweetened by top notes of amber and powdery musk.

Far away, deep within dark green woods, lies a little Love Shack. Crackling campfires, big boyfriend sweaters, red wine, cigarettes and rosy cheeks underneath a starry sky. This fragrance is wild, for the untamed wanderers and adventurers. ‘Captain Fantastic’ meets ‘Into the Wild’ through a comforting base of cedar wood and vetiver roots. With a raw masculine heart of aged leather, completed by soft top notes of sensual dew rose and patchouli leaves.

L’eau Coco is an homage to coconuts and all the nostalgia they bring about. Taking us back to never-ending travels, white sands, salty lips, unlimited time and endless love. A one-way road to addiction that starts with an overdose of coconuts and cream. This outrageous base balanced by a heart of orchid and airy top notes of green palm leaves and Cuban jasmine.