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“Life is rhythm, expressed as rhyme.
Visual verses for the people,
us modern troubadours.”

Our new exhibition by Carlijn Claire Potma showcases unique prints created during Carlijn’s artist-in-residence at the Pajama Factory (Williamsport PE, USA) last year and a selection of drawings she recently finished ~ including a wavy triptych made out of thousands of tiny pinpricks in paper.

Carlijn describes herself as a ‘hyper curious heavy dreamer with an intrinsic desire to create’. She does what moves her – guided by that tingly gut feeling or sense of wonder – and believes in breaking boundaries. That’s exactly why she works within a wide constellation of disciplines: next to celebrating life each and every minute, she spends her days as visual artist (exploring sacredness, human nature and the art of attention), illustrator, tattoo artist, writer and photographer – with the practice of yoga and meditation as the interconnecting links. A native Frisian, her sense of presence rises in the water and the woods; nature is a major source of inspiration to this protean young woman – translated into her many creations and profound interest in the healing properties of plants and herbs.

More info: www.carlijnclaire.com // www.instagram.com/carlijnclaire