COTTONCAKE Lookbook 2014 Spring Summer_11

Are you:

  • Enthusiastic, outgoing, easily excited and just a happy person in general,
  • Still in the beginning of your studies and willing to stay with us for at least a year,
  • In love with the COTTONCAKE concept,
  • Able to do 100 things at the same time, in a quick pace, while keeping a smile on your face,
  • Comfortable in sales, styling and advicing people,
  • A food and coffee lover getting really excited from tasting a seriously good cup of coffee and A) able to make one or B) willing to put a lot of effort into learning how to make one,
  • Not afraid of getting your hands dirty, we absolutely love the hands on mentality
  • Willing to spend two days a week with us, including one day in the weekend,

Shoot us an email with your CV and short motivation: